Tri-temp testing will never be the same again


With Yukon thermal management technology, controlling case temperature is quiet, portable and easy. Put an end to Theta JC conversion and temp curve calibration.

Portable. Direct conductive heat exchange.

True Case Temperature

Yukon direct DUT thermal conduction technology allows accurate, pin point device case temperature control. Seamlessly combining advanced 3D mechanical engineering and unique thermal isolation structures, boosting temperature extremes.

Discover the freedom.

Portable Thermal Solution

Light weight, quiet, no compressed air, no CO2. Just a standard AC outlet, simply plug-and-play. Take Yukon to where your setup is; lab, conference room or on ATE.

  • Install on any socket, directly on PCB, just set and go.


    Complete Adaptation

    Custom adaptors are designed for Yukon installation over existing socket or direct on-board setups. Contact our application experts for your free application consultation.

  • ±0.01 °C : Best possible temperature stability.

    DUT Surface Temperature Sensor(s)

    Yukon controller monitors and maintains short term and long term thermal stability 100 times a second.  Premium platinum thermal sensors are strategically placed to measure true device case temperature.

Zero Soak Time, almost...

Efficient and Responsive


Pre-heated/pre-cooled thermal conductive surface allows instantaneous DUT heating and cooling upon lid closure. Significantly bringing soak time to its minimal.

No frosting.

No condensation.

No leakage.


Carefree Operation​

Yukon performs conductive thermal exchange inside an enclosed cavity, while everywhere else stays at room temperature. Condensation during low-temp testing is a thing of the past.

Power sipping.

Runs on any AC outlet worldwide

Low per hour operating cost, fractions comparing with tradition thermal streams or thermal chamber systems. 60W consumption, no CDA needed.


Easy networking and simple remote control features to help you do more.

Overnight Data-collection

Integrate Yukon unit into your existing bench automation or communicate with using your ATE.

  • Explorer full potential of the system.

    Get Automated

    Select "TEMP HOLD" or "TEMP CYCLE" mod on screen. Or explore full system functions with optional interfaces, USB, RS232, RS485 or GPIB.

  • Control your Yukon with easy command sets and virtual instrument.

    Command Library

    Quickly create remote control routines with the available command library. Available Labview VI can seamlessly integrated into your existing  automation work flow.

How Yukon stacked up against others

An All-around Winner


Low maintenance, Focus and Portable are just a few advantages Yukon has over other temperature forcing methods.

Meet the Family

Yukon thermal technology platform

Sky is the limit when comes to thermal management. Functions before form. Once you know what Yukon is capable of, creating new application is second nature.

Let your imagination run wild, Yukon answers!