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ATE Loadboards, DUT Boards, DIBs, PIBs...

When the mission is critical, we are here to help!

For over 20 years, we took part in creating the internet infrastructure, powering personal computers, putting flat-screen TV in everyone living rooms and phones in every pocket.

For the next 20 years, we are investing in technologies which will empower the next electronics revolution, particularly in automobiles, computation and communication.

Fields of Experience


From highest power to the smallest signals, from fastest data to highest place-and-route density, our technology-specific design rules address critical designs with focus and precision.

Major Active ATE Platforms


A complete collection of almost all ATE platforms available worldwide, with systems dating back to as early as the 80s.


Board spectrum of Test21's unique socket solutions, offering customers with electrical interfaces that are tailored to specific needs. Space transformation, ultra low inductance, excellent thermal properties or in-socket circuitry for parasitic reduction or other mission critical applications.


Empowered by the latest 3D full wave extractions, the entire signal delivery system are modeled from die-pad to die-pad. Working in conjunction with customers device modeling, our dynamic thermal/power-aware SI analysis can surely bring confidence to this ever-demanding industry.

Thermal Management​

Add hot and cold testing to your everyday engineering needs. Our Yukon and Heater systems integrate seamlessly onto any test and interface hardware. 


Extensive selection of ATE stiffeners, production change kits and other accessories, we are your true one-stop shop.  

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