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ATE Probe Cards

From blade probes to cantilever spider, from cobra to MEMS; for over 20 years, Test21 has been the trusted partner in probe card PCB development and manufacturing.

Our expertise in high speed and dynamic current applications greatly benefit mission critical direct probe projects. Our testing heritage is the backbone to every vertical probe card and substrate we designed.


Be part of our success story, our wafer sorting products surely would put you ahead of the competitions.


Fields of Experience


From highest power to the smallest signals, from fastest data to highest place-and-route density, our technology-specific design rules address critical designs with focus and precision.

Major Active ATE Platforms


A complete collection of almost all ATE platforms available worldwide, with systems dating back to as early as the 80s.

MLO/MLC Substrates

Flexible and state-of-the-art substrate design rules to tackle high density multisite designs. Extreme 15-N-15 sequential lamination capability and 8um conductor width, this is substrate technology at its finest!


Empowered by the latest 3D full wave extractions, entire signal delivery system is modeled from die-pad to die-pad. Working in conjunction with customers device modeling, our dynamic thermal/power-aware SI analysis can surely add confidence in even the most challenging project.

Thermal Management​

Our new patented technology puts an end to wafer sort hardware temperature stability issue. With todays low swing/high current signal environment, signal path resistance is critical to perfect correlations.


Extensive selection of ATE probe card stiffeners and other accessories, we are your true one-stop shop.  

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